My Archive

Frontier Life features ‘My Archive’ and ‘My Lightbox’, where you can save documents and images from multiple search sessions, making your research experience more rewarding.

You will need to register to enjoy the benefits of using My Archive. See the 'My Archive' section, which is always accessible in the header.

Here’s how you can use My Archive to enhance your online research:

Search results pages have a 'Save search to my archive' button below the header. This function allows users to save search results and continue research in another session.

These searches, along with the date of the search, are listed under 'My Saved Searches' in My Archive. Users can click the search term to run the search again.

Document details page with Add to my Archive button beneath thumbnail strip


Search results for 'steamboats' with Save search button circled


My Archive homepage with My Lightbox, Saved Searches and Bookshelf sections

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