Image Gallery

You can explore the visual material from the frontiers using the resource’s 'Image Gallery'. These galleries represent selected highlights from the vast range of maps, plans, illustrations, photographs and paintings within Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters.

The image galleries are divided by the type of image: Artwork and Photographs, Maps and Museum Objects. The objects section is a collection of artefacts that have been photographed and provide further context to the lifestyle experienced by those people who lived on the frontiers.

Image gallery landing page with different categories

Once in the Image Gallery, you can search using the search bar at the top right or filter by date, theme, image type, region or library. From here you can view the full-size images and related metadata, as well as download images as PDFs, run a slideshow or create your own bespoke collection of images using the 'My Lightbox' function.

Image gallery thumbnails with view and download options expanded

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